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Local Business Spotlight: How Trevi Systems Makes Fresh Water Accessible and Affordable

Irrigation system watering a fieldThe world’s resources are being depleted at a startling rate, and water is one of our most finite.

From its offices in SOMO Village, Trevi Systems is working to make fresh water more accessible and affordable by manufacturing equipment to desalinate and decontaminate water so that it can be used where it’s most needed.

We spoke with Victor Ivashin, Director of Electrical Engineering at Trevi Systems, to learn more. 

Trevi Systems logo

What does Trevi Systems do?

Trevi Systems makes equipment to desalinate seawater as well as to process and purify other contaminated water.  

Our typical installations are in the form of mid-to-large-scale systems that can deliver tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of gallons of water a day.  

This processed water may meet a range of needs, from a request for irrigation to manufacturing and even drinking water.

What was the “fist-on-table” moment that led to Trevi Systems being founded? 

Trevi Systems was founded based on an understanding that we are in constant need of resources from nature and that these resources are becoming increasingly unavailable.

This is especially true of water, and that’s what caused us to seek novel techniques for the desalination of the oceans–our vast and yet compromised resource.

Trevi Systems water filtration system

Trevi Systems’ forward osmosis filtration system.

What makes Trevi Systems’ mission such an important one?

Water is the new gold since the lack of it has become a serious worldwide problem. And our mission is important because we have the new technologies available to solve this problem.

If Trevi Systems could inspire people to do one thing, what would it be?

Conserve water, respect the planet, and don’t pollute the ocean. It’s critically important to become aware of your water use.


Why did you choose to operate your business at SOMO Village? 

SOMO Village is well-centered in a highly-technological community. There are many companies in the area that are synergistic with one another and are all working toward advanced development.  

It’s also close to restaurants and manufacturing services.

SOMO Village has all the resources that a growing technology company needs.

If you could fast-forward 10 years down the road, what impact do you hope Trevi Systems will have made on the world and why?

John Webley, CEO of Trevi Systems

John Webley, CEO of Trevi Systems

At the moment, we already have systems installed in Cyprus, Hawaii, and Kuwait, and we have new interest for system installations in California and Oman.

The world desperately needs water, and our technology will provide the means for people to access it. 

As our systems grow to provide millions of gallons per day, we know the impact will be of significant benefit, and in ten years, we hope to have been able to make a real difference. 

To learn more about Trevi Systems, visit them online. 

And if you want to operate your business in a community where you’re surrounded by innovative and sustainable organizations, then we invite you to take a tour of SOMO Cowork or get in touch with us today to learn more about the professional facilities available within the community. 

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