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Essential Eight with Musician and Producer Jamal Freeman

Jamal Freeman, SOMO MemberJamal Free is a Sonoma County-based musician and producer who also spent 12 years at Apple, where his love for the tech sector grew.

Now working as a consultant, Jamal helps businesses find the right equipment and recommendations to navigate the virtual world. His client base extends to both the musical and tech communities, and he aims to contribute to both industries in a productive way.

From bucket list items to his favorite podcasts and more, we asked Jamal to share eight of his essentials.

Here’s what he told us.

An essential recipe to try

If you have not had Gumbo, I highly suggest it. My family loves soul food and Gumbo is a Southern standard, especially in Louisiana. 

An essential show to watch

I love many shows but I am an avid fan of crime dramas — the NCIS series is fantastic. 

An essential bucket list item to check off

Santorini, Greece I want to go to Santorini, Greece. It’s always been my goal to do a European vacation, having been to Asia several times. 

An essential office item

A sit-stand desk — can’t live without it, especially for those long days. 

An essential podcast to listen to

Factually! with Adam Conover. He is an eclectic voice for the generation. He has great insights and is always truthful and factual to the best of his ability which is a rare commodity in this world. 

An essential activity to try

Skydiving Thrill sports are always a good one, like skydiving or mountain climbing. I like flying in open-hatch two-person aircraft. Most people would call that risky but it’s pretty fun and beautiful scenery is not obscured by a window.

An essential home item

I love to watch movies, so a good TV is always a plus.

An essential Instagram account to follow

Well, you could follow me @Macmusic3k! There you’ll see all my content — I’m a content creator who loves music and travel and I love to share it with my followers. 

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