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Essential Eight with Esthetician and Sound Healer Tracy Merriken

Tracy Merriken is a licensed esthetician and sound healer. She is the owner of  SÄDÉ Spa in Santa Rosa, which offers a variety of holistic skincare and beauty products and services. SÄDÉ Spa offers you a place of peace & relaxation through treatments that incorporate essential oils & natural products that all enhance the skin’s cellular health.

Tracy is passionate about optimizing not only the health of your skin, but also raising the level of your overall body-mind-spirit health.

We recently sat down with Tracy to learn more about her essential eight items. Here’s what she told us.

An essential book to read

I have read these books a couple of times over the last few decades: Angle of Repose by Wallace Stegner or The Agony and the Ecstasy by Irving Stone

An essential piece of advice to consider:

Every day is a precious gift. Begin by greeting it with a smile as you wake up, setting the tone for gratitude. Take a moment to reflect on a few things you’re thankful for. Then, indulge in a gentle stretch while lying down before you rise slowly. Consistently maintain this routine, even during challenging times. This practice will facilitate a smoother flow throughout the day.

An essential philosophy to consider:

All of us have the ability to reprogram our thinking and eliminate self-destructive habits so we can reach our goals and visions. I believe listening to sound frequency is a tool to get us to a place of feeling it is all possible. We can make our dreams a reality!

An essential destination to visit

I feel everyone needs to see a concert at Red Rocks in Colorado. It’s one of those things that will stir your soul as you are surrounded by nature’s amazing presence with the stars above you, listening to a favorite band. The acoustics are like no other venue I have been to!

An essential quote to think over

“Isolation is perhaps the singular root of all disease. So it is impossible to start on a healing mission alone.” Zach Bush MD

An essential home item

A set of Emerald Temple essential oils is a beautiful gift to yourself and your family to have on hand. These exquisite oils are crafted by local artisan Diana DuBrow and are absolutely amazing. They lift the spirit, calm the mind and add a layer of luxury to the simple moment.

An essential skill to master

It’s important for me to keep practicing the skill of attentiveness. We all can be intentional with it often and practice it by listening to others and truly hearing what they have to share. People just want to know they are being heard.

An essential cause in your life

I am working to bring healing to the children and teens in schools, foster homes, institutions, and detention centers who need additional loving support by means of sharing sound from crystal alchemy singing bowls.

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