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How to Get Started as an Ecopreneur

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By Lisa Walker
It’s impossible to deny the upward trend of consumers searching for eco-conscious brands that they can support. According to Barron’s Magazine, two-thirds of North Americans prefer to buy products and services from companies that incorporate sustainable business practices.

Do you know what that means? You not only can play a role in maintaining a healthy planet and strong communities for future generations, but you can make a profit by doing it! Creating a green company that can thrive long-term requires a lot of know-how and effective decision- making. That’s why SOMO Village has provided this list of tips and resources to help you start on the right foot!

Profitable Green Business Ideas
Fortunately, countless green business ideas can produce a profit. Here are just a few ideas to consider:

  • Start an e-waste recycling business where you use technology to transfer electronic waste into raw materials that benefit society and the environment.
  • Offer a green cleaning service for residential and commercial spaces in the community.
  • Turn your hobby farm into a business by selling organic produce, honey, soaps, and other products.
  • Start a blog that caters specifically to green businesses and other environmentally conscious audience members.

Essentials of a Successful Launch
No matter what type of green business you launch, be sure to tackle these necessities early in the process:

  • Form an LLC to protect your assets and simplify your taxes.
  • Make a business plan that outlines your green business model, goals, strategies, and timelines.
  • Create a unique and attractive business name, logo, and website for your marketing
  • Develop a budget for your green business, and explore your funding options.

Widening Your Impact
As an ecopreneur, it’s important to think bigger than your company alone.

  • Stay involved with local entrepreneur organizations, and help other business leaders learn about and implement green operations.
  • Connect with your local government and partner with programs that promote eco-friendly change in the community.
  • Hold classes and workshops at your place of business to teach people about environmentally friendly habits and lifestyle changes.
  • Consider joining a coworking space that attracts a values-driven professional community, such as SOMO Cowork. A sustainably operated, communal workspace can provide the perfect environment for inspiration and networking with other eco-minded businesses and ecopreneurs.

Now is an ideal time to start your journey as an ecopreneur. Carefully consider what type of business could benefit your community. Put the pieces in place for a strong launch, and think of ways to widen your impact as a brand. Finally, always stay hungry to learn how you can benefit the environment through your business practices!

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