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Her first sculpture, Heartfullness, is a steel sculpture of a mended heart, debuted at Burning Man in 2012. Her experience during this build was documented as part of the film Spark: A Burning Man Story. In 2018, she created a second Heartfullness sculpture specifically for Las Vegas and intended to be a symbol of healing for the community after the 2017 shooting.

Most recently, Katy was awarded 67,000 lbs of steel from the original eastern span of the Bay Bridge for use in Pier into the Past, a series of sculptures, auto barriers, and way-finding towers to be installed for Hornblower Yachts on Pier 3 in San Francisco. She is currently working on Winged Life, a sculpture of a butterfly for Burning Man 2022.

In addition to her own projects, Katy has been an artistic contributor and project lead for Marco Cochrane since 2010, working on The Bliss Project, One, and Gaia.

SOMO Artwork:


Steel Sculpture of a mended heart

Heartfullness is a steel sculpture of a heart that has been repeatedly broken and pieced back together. While it may be damaged and pieces may be missing, this weathered heart is stronger and infinitely more interesting.

Life presents many things that can break the heart, but true happiness comes from overcoming those obstacles and mending your heart in every way imaginable to love again.

The interior skeleton is made of steel and covered by re-claimed sheet metal pieced together to represent a beautiful reconstructed heart. LEDs, lights lluminate the sculpture at night. 

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