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Kris is a skilled craftsperson and metal fabricator, he has worked with David Best on large scale projects. Kris Perry’s own creation, the much-heralded “Machines,” combines industrial sound sculptures with live performance, and has been exhibited in a number of galleries and venues. These collaborations have included Tommy Stinson, Elvis Perkins, Brian Dewan, and others. Large-scale kinetic sculptures have been commissioned and exhibited across the country. His workshop is in Hudson, N.Y.

SOMO Artwork:

“Tripod with Bells”

Metalwork made from decommissioned gas tanks, and scrap metal

Kris Perry Artist Statement: “Tripod with Bells” engages its audience beyond its visual impact. The scale of the sculpture, with its massive three legs, creates a space that invites viewers to enter the piece. The ship’s wheel at the center allows participants to create sounds resonant of industrial history: the wheel, decommissioned gas tanks, and scrap metal. The sounds of the bells, created by turning the wheel, are at once eerie and celebratory – a perfect reflection of our industrial past. Inanimate scrap metal comes alive in this abstract creation, a work that suggests a creature beyond the world we know.

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