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We’ve got

a new look!

Hello friends!

We’re thrilled to unveil refreshed brand identity with a new logo, color, and website. 

This marks a significant milestone in our evolution, providing an opportunity to reflect on everything our original SOMO Village brand represented and our core values as we move forward into an exciting future!

“We felt it was time for a fresh look that reflects our local identity, commitment to sustainability, and promotion of healthy and happy living.” 



SOMO Village started 16 years ago and was originally named Sonoma Mountain Village. It began as an idea for a sustainable, mixed-use community. After many years of preparing for the residential component of the project, we are now ready to break ground and build a new community in Rohnert Park. 

Our current name SOMO Village refers to its location at the foothills of Sonoma Mountain. Over the years, it has offered us beautiful panoramic views and served as a place of retreat and adventure. After countless hikes and bike rides to the top of the mountain, we grew more and more enchanted by its subtle elegance and grateful for the inspiration to stay active and connected to nature. 

Unique topography lines, the same core

Our Future

As we embark on bringing homes to SOMO Village we recommit to our unwavering core values and vision towards a healthier community and the Planet.  Our new look reconnects us to what we love most about SOMO Village, Sonoma County, and our vicinity and connection to majestic Sonoma Mountain. It grounds us and marks the heart and center of beautiful Sonoma County, with its spectacular coastal trails, regional parks, wineries, farms, and overall natural and wholesome beauty. We honor Sonoma Mountain and the richness of experiences it offers, with a logo inspired by the topography of Sonoma Mountain. 

All logos of our companies have similar styles. Each of our logotypes has unique topography lines, yet all of them share the same core. 

As you notice changes in our branding, signs, promotions, and property, we would love to hear from you. Feel free to reach out with any thoughts, requests, and ideas. If you enjoy social media, please connect with us. As always, please do not hesitate to reach out anytime

Warm regards,

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