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Somo Management LLC needs a Operations Research Analyst for Rohnert Park  located at 1400 Valley House Drive St. 240 Rohnert Park CA 94928 with a Masters degree and 42 months of experience.

Position Title

Operations Research Analyst


  • Conducts analyses of management and operational problems and formulates mathematical or simulation models of problem for solution by computers or other methods.
  • Analyzes problem in terms of management information and conceptualizes and defines problem.
  • Studies information and selects plan from competitive proposals that affords maximum probability of profit or effectiveness in relation to cost or risk.
  • Prepares model of problem in form of one or several equations that relates constants and variables, restrictions, alternatives, conflicting objectives, and their numerical parameters.
  • Defines data requirements and gathers and validates information applying judgment and statistical tests.
  • Specifies manipulative or computational methods to be applied to model.
  • Performs validation and testing of model to ensure adequacy or determines need for reformulation.
  • Prepares reports to management defining problem, evaluation, and possible solution.
  • Evaluates implementation and effectiveness of research.
  • Work in association with engineers, scientists, and management personnel in business, manufacturing, or other technologies.


from $85,280 per year/ 40-hour week

Job Site

Interview in Rohnert Park, California


  • Masters of Business Administration, Business Management and Finance, or related field
  • 42 months of experience (Business Development Manager, Research Analyst or related field)

The following is also required:

  • Master of Science Degree or PhD (or equivalent) in Animal Science and Nutrition, or closely related
  • Two years of experience in the Dairy Industry Required


For interviews, please directly contact the employer via regular mail:

Somo Management LLC
ATTN Leah Tibbens
1400 Valley House Drive St. 240
Rohnert Park CA 94928

Posted from:12/01/2022 to: 12/20/2022