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A vibrant community for a healthy planet

Sonoma County

We started as a family business, and after decades of traditional building, we found a piece of land that would inspire us to change our vision for the future. A set of buildings previously owned by Hewlett-Packard and Agilent Technologies emptied when they moved their operations off-shore. At that very moment, we saw the potential, determined to repurpose this campus into a place for a lively and sustainable community.

Imagining an ideal quality of life

Excited talks turned into committed plans, and we asked ourselves what it would look like to design a community with thriving, sustainable living as our guide. How could we bring the convenience of city life into the natural beauty of the countryside?

Our commitment
to the Planet

Sustainability is deeply rooted in who we are. In 2007, SOMO Village became North America’s first One Planet Community. One Planet Living is an international program with the vision
of a world where we can live happily within the Earth’s resources.

One Planet Living

One Planet Living abides by a ten-principle framework that covers various aspects of social, environmental, and economic sustainability. SOMO Village has adopted these principles and developed an action plan to monitor its progress for continuous improvement and evolution.

Where ideas become reality

A decade later, SOMO Village has become a dynamic business hub for socially responsible companies–a place for entrepreneurs who bring their ambitious ideas to life. Our events inspire, educate, and entertain. Fitness classes fill with community members. Cafés and restaurants serve ethically sourced foods and beverages.

Cultivating meaningful connections

At SOMO Village, we connect the community through large scale public sculptures. We believe that art brings people together physically and culturally. Through its capacity to tell our shared story, it inspires reflections, forms connections, and adds meaning to our community. Learn more about artists and artworks featured at SOMO.

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