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Essential Eight with Personal Trainer and Business Owner Conny Schneider

Conny Schneider is the founder and CEO of  Kömplex Fit, a Sonoma County-based personal training service and community.  Born and raised in Germany, Conny loved to dance growing up and performed in a circus for about six years. She joined an exchanged program in 2014 and decided to stay in beautiful Sonoma County.

After working at multiple gyms as a group class instructor, as well as a personal trainer, Conny fell in love with creating a fun, healthy environment and lifestyle while helping others achieve their own personal goals.

As a personal trainer, Conny emphasizes functional strength training to help clients perform activities of daily life more easily and without injuries.

We asked Conny to share some of her must-haves with us to get to know her better. Here are her essential eight items:

An essential Instagram account to follow

An essential activity to try

Cold plunge in cold lakes or the ocean.

An essential skill to learn

Finding flexibility within a set framework.

An essential poem to ponder

Into life we dive,
When you choose to let go,
Of the ripples and flow,
You create a masterpiece,
Of joy, hope, love and peace.
Ripples are choices,
Love we breathe,
With it we achieve,
Connection and Trust,
The Ingredients we must,
Pursue and build on.

An essential lesson to learn

To be still.

An essential office item


An essential idea to remember

Life consists of chapters and seasons. Sometimes it’s hard to see the big picture with its beautiful view, but all seasons and chapters are purposeful and important.

An essential home item to try


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