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8 Best Outdoor Spaces to Exercise in Sonoma County with Conny Schneider from Kömplex Fit

Headshot of Conny Schneider with background image of people running on path With many amazing cycling routes, beaches, hiking trails, and regional parks, Sonoma County is an outdoor-lovers paradise. 

And with great year-round weather, there are so many options to get outside and prioritize fitness and movement in your life. 

To learn more about the best places to exercise outdoors in Sonoma County, we sat down with Conny Schneider, fitness enthusiast, trainer, and co-founder of Kömplex Fit, which will soon be opening a new location at SOMO Village. 

Here’s what she told us.

What makes Sonoma County such a great place to prioritize fitness and well-being? 

I immediately think of the weather. Sonoma County has such great weather. I know there are lots of parks and things to do, but it’s the weather that will allow you to do anything outside at any time. 

I come from Germany, so I know that good weather is not a luxury everyone has! It definitely makes Sonoma County very special. 

What are your favorite parks or outdoor spaces for exercise in Sonoma County? 

There are many different outdoor spaces and parks in Sonoma County that are great for exercising and moving your body. Here are some top choices: 

1. Spring Lake Regional Park

Spring Lake Regional ParkLocation: 393 Violetti Road, Santa Rosa

Great for: Swimming, working out, hiking, horseback riding, cycling, or picnicking.

Conny’s take: “I go to Spring Lake all the time. There’s a par course fitness circuit there that I’ve been doing for eight years.” 

2. Trione-Annadel Park

Annadel Park

Location: 6201 Channel Drive Santa Rosa

Great for: Hiking, mountain biking, and trail riding. 

3. Beaches

Beach in Sonoma CountyLocation: Plenty of options along the coast, with popular options like Goat Rock Beach, North Salmon Creek Beach, Gualala Point Regional Park, or Sea Ranch Coastal Access Trails.

Great for: Swimming, relaxing, beachcombing, running, and more. 

Conny’s take: “I’m a big fan of cold plunging, so being close to the ocean is huge. Sometimes I just go out there to sit and read and breathe—the ocean air is so good for you, especially because I grew up with asthma. If you’re having a stressful day, you’re just 35 minutes away from the coast. And if you want to cold plunge, that’s great too.”

4. Russian River

People tubing at Russian River

Location: Flows through various communities from northern Sonoma County (Cloverdale, Geyersville, Healdsburg) through central Sonoma County and the redwood forests, out to the coast. 

Great for: Kayaking, paddleboarding, running, or picnicking. 

Conny’s take: “There’s the Russian River—I go swimming in there but like it more for kayaking and paddleboarding. I like to paddleboard on the Russian River in the summertime—it’s great.”

5. Foothill Regional Park

Foothill Regional ParkLocation: 1351 Arata Lane, Windsor

Great for: Running, cycling, fishing, or picnicking.

Conny’s take: “I live in Windsor now. There’s a park that’s called Foothill Regional Park where I like to run. It’s not well-known or popular, but I really like it there.” 

6. Taylor Mountain Regional Park

Taylor Mountain Regional ParkLocation: 2080 Kawana Terrace, Santa Rosa

Great for: Disc golf, cycling, hiking, picnicking, or using the playground.

Conny’s take: “I think the main parks that people like to go to are Taylor Park, Annadel, and Spring Lake—those are the main three in Sonoma County that people really like, along with the coast.”

7. Lake Sonoma

Lake Sonoma

Location: 3333 Skaggs Springs Road, Geyserville 

Great for: Hiking, biking, swimming, boating, or fishing. 

Conny’s Take: “Lake Sonoma is great for cold plunging, boating, or pretty much any outdoor activity. You can also run around Lake Sonoma. People really like going here, for sure.” 

8. Coffey Park

Coffey ParkLocation: 1524 Amanda Place, Santa Rosa

Great for: BBQing, working out, running or walking, and picnicking.

Conny’s take: “During COVID, I teamed up with a friend and she was teaching yoga classes at Coffey Park. We just gathered people every week and did yoga out there, which was kind of fun. Also, SOMO Village does yoga outdoors on their lawn space.” 

When it comes to outdoor spaces for fitness and movement, Sonoma County really has it all. Prioritize your physical well-being by checking out one of these fantastic options. 

Learn More About SOMO Village

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Conny SchneiderAbout Conny Schneider

Conny Schneider is the co-founder of Kömplex Fit, a Sonoma County-based personal training service and community.  Born and raised in Germany, Conny loved to dance growing up and performed in a circus for about six years. She joined an exchange program in 2014 and decided to stay in beautiful Sonoma County.

After working at multiple gyms as a group class instructor, as well as a personal trainer, Conny fell in love with creating a fun, healthy environment and lifestyle while helping others achieve their own personal goals. As a personal trainer, Conny emphasizes functional strength training to help clients perform activities of daily life more easily and without injuries.

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