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6 Reasons Sonoma County is Perfect for Young Families

Between May of 2022 and the same time the following year, the Bay Area lost 34,000 residents, marking the third straight year that this trend has continued.

And while many people are exploring out-of-state options, others are not so quick to leave California behind. 

So, as city living continues to lose its appeal for NorCal residents—especially young families looking for communities a place to plant their roots—many are considering their relocation destination in the Golden State. 

With its close proximity to San Francisco fused with its community vibe and small-town charm, Sonoma County is becoming an increasingly appealing option. 

Here are six reasons why Sonoma County is the ideal home for young families looking to get away from city centers. 

1. Easy Access to Nature

Family hiking in Sonoma County

Many researchers agree that kids who play outside are happier, better at paying attention and less anxious than kids who spend more time indoors. Spending time in nature can build their confidence.

And Sonoma County is famous for its amazing natural wonders, including: 

  • Hiking and exploring the redwood forests at Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve
  • Picnicking and day trips to local parks such as Russian River Recreation and Park District. Finley Community Park, or Pleasant Avenue Park
  • Beach days at the ocean or lakes, with options like Black Point Beach, Doran Beach, or Steelhead beach. 

Looking for even more ideas? Check out this list of 62 outdoor destinations and activities in Sonoma County

2. Close Proximity to San Francisco

Many of the people looking to leave San Francisco still need to commute into the city for work at least a few days per week.

Many parts of Sonoma County are within driving distance of San Francisco, making it ideal for remote workers who need to occasionally go into the office as well as for weekend trips, flights, or shopping excursions. 

3. Safety

When it comes to raising a family, safety is a fundamental priority. Since it has the lowest crime rate in California and a lower crime rate than the national average, Sonoma County provides peace of mind for its local residents.

4. Family-Friendly Attractions

Family at Sonoma County beachAccess to fun and engaging kid-friendly activities and events is a big part of what makes any community a great one. 

And, in Sonoma County, there’s no shortage to choose from, including: 

Taking part in these types of activities isn’t just engaging–it helps create closer family bonds and lifelong memories that kids will cherish for years to come. 

5. High-Quality School Districts 

One of the most fundamental qualities of a great community is the education system in the area. 

Five Sonoma County public schools were included in California’s Distinguished Schools Program in 2023 alone. 

And what’s more impressive is that, throughout the history of the program, though, 75% of schools in the region have been recognized. 

There are also higher education opportunities in the county, with Santa Rosa Junior College, Sonoma State University, and the University of Northern California all offering excellent opportunities for tertiary education. 

6. Cost of Living

SOMO Village DrawingCalifornia is not an inexpensive place to live. That’s part of why many of its residents are making the move to other states.

But with that being said, for those who want to stay in the state while moving away from its major metropolises, Sonoma County does offer a lower cost of living than other parts of California. 

This is particularly true when compared to San Francisco, where the cost of living is 43.7% higher than in Sonoma County. 

This difference in cost of living is driven primarily by home prices which are significantly more affordable in Sonoma than elsewhere in the state, making it easier for people to purchase family homes in the area. 

Sonoma County has so much to offer young families. If you’re considering moving and would like to learn about presale homes in Sonoma County, download our project brief to find out why SOMO Village might be the perfect community for you.

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